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Welcome to ACAAC, your go-to destination for all things related to the culinary industry. Our organization acts as a bridge between culinary professionals and restaurant owners, creating a platform where both parties can come together for mutual benefit. With our extensive network of connections and resources, we are confident that our members will thrive within their chosen careers. Our mission is to provide a community of professionals where everyone can find support, guidance, and meaningful connections.

招聘港式麵包師父  Recruit Hong Kong -Style Baker

美國奧蘭多(Orlando, Florida) 超市內麵包部招聘港式麵包師父,懂做月餅、糉、咸水角及蘿蔔糕更佳。月薪$4,500美元,另加$500美元租房津貼。試用期三個月,合適便安排到外埠開分店。有意應聘請將個人資料電郵至

A well establish Asian supermarket in Orlando Florida USA seeking an experience Asian Hong Kong style pastry Chef, knowledge of making Moon Cake, Chinese Lunar New Year pastries and Zongzi.

Starting salary US$4500 per month, plus US$500 allowances per month. After three months of probation,  the chef will help to open other branches in different states and also include an opportunity for becoming a branch partner. 

Interested candidates, please submit your resume to


Date: January 11, 2024

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